Key to information below:

Much of the information below has been provided by Kent Peterson and the folks at the Iron County School District (ICSD) office. It was a herculean task. The ICSD staff literally went through payroll information, much of it by hand, to help generate this list. The list given by ICSD was listed by school year ended. That is, if a teacher was listed to have taught from 1973-1984, he or she would have taught in the school year that began in the fall of 1972 and ended in the spring of 1984. In creating this list, teachers are listed in the school year in which they began teaching. Using the above example, then, if a teacher was listed on the ICSD as having taught from 1973-1984, they are listed here as having taught 1972-1984 because the began in the 1972-73 school year. We make no attempt to discern whether the teacher taught for the entire school year.

If some or all of the subjects that the teacher taught are known and verified, they may be listed below. Links to known obituaries are also included if available.

An iteration prior to this was made by Steve Decker. It was primarily generated by using and had gaps and errors. Some information was generated by obituaries in local newspapers or by recording in-living-memory dates from teachers.

Finally, many teachers have careers that spanned much longer periods of time than indicated herein. They taught in other schools within the district or for other school districts. Listings herein indicate only the teachers’ experiences in Parowan schools.

This list may not be comprehensive.

Adams, Cecil: 1945-1950.

Adams, Greta M.: 2010-2013.

Adams, Phillip C.: 1973-1980.

Anderson, Jenny L.: 1999-2004.

Ashby, Neva: 1950-1952.

Begley, Sherry L.: 1980-1981.

Bennett, Edith: 1943-1944.

Benson, Angela M.: 1996-present.

Benson, Chester L.: 1959-1983.

Benson, Fae N.: 1934-1961.

Bentley, Norma: 1941-1945.

Biasi, Marian C.: 2001-2005.

Blauer, Robert D.: 1993-present.

Brimhall, Norman M.: 1957-1959.

Burton, Rex D.: 1980-present.

Cecil, Leslie E.: 2011-present.

Chamberlain, Rebecca: 1980-1983.

Clark, Jolene S.: 1973-1976.

Clark, Marion A.:  1939-1943.

Cooley, Kristine: 1982-1986.

Cornaby, Fred H.: 1943-1944.

Cottrell, Virginia R.: 1952-1954.

Croft, Elaine L.: 1982-1983.

Dalley, Max: 1939-1940.

Dalley, Winnell: 1939-1941.

Dalton, Cleone R.: 1985-1987.

Dalton, Emma B.: 1954-1975.

Decker, Verana: 1944-1945.

Doerr, Hazel: 1957-1958.

Dotson, Richard, Principal: 1966-1971.

Doubek, Kim E.: 1980-present.

Evans, Burnell: 1950-1957.

Evans Cassi L.: 2009-present.

George, Sarah M.: 2004-2008.

Graff, Deann S.: Counselor, 1997-present; Teacher, 1987-1997.

Griffiths, Travis P.: 1994-1995.

Hanks, Kathy: 1980-1982.

Heap, Marna: 1958-1967, 1969-1976.

Henrie, Brook D.: 2005-2007.

Hermansen, Scott Wayne: 1973-1979.

Hodson, Susan M.: 1989-1992.

Hooper, Jeneil P.: 1988-1989.

Hulet, Susan E.: 1999-present.

Humphrey, Gary L.: 1978-1980.

Hunsaker, Jenny M.: 2005-2006.

Iverson, Mervin R.: 1959-1960.

Jensen, Arliss W., Principal: 1970-1972.

Jensen, Roma: Teacher, 1963-1969, 1973-1979; Principal, 1980-1987.

Johnson, Amy M.: 2007-2008, 2010-present.

Jolley, Kenneth S.: 1960-1961.

Jones, Elwin I.: 1958-1959.

Jones, Irene: 1983-1984.

Jones, Myron G.: 1955-1957.

Justesen, Mary J.: 1954-1955.

Kartchner, Jene O.: 1957-1958.

Kemp (Wilks), Mary Ann: 1985-1998.

Lamoreaux, Joanne E.: 1980-1988.

Lawrence, Alma: 1948-1957.

Lee, Janette N.: 1997-1999.

LeFevre Dale: 1960-1963.

Lewis, Fred A., Principal: 1935-1942.

Lister, Miriam: 1955-1973.

Lowe, Virginia M.: 1939-1941, 1943-1954.

Luce, Mandie J.: 2005-2006.

Mackelprang, Tymesia: 2006-2007.

Major, Florine H.: 1960-1961.

Marshall, Patricia: 1977-1979.

Mathews, Tawnya B.: 1996-present.

Matheson, Floyd J.: Principal, 1986-1988; Teacher, 1972-1980.

Matheson, Leslie P.: 1992-1993.

Melling (Wolfe), Holly A.: 1994-2002.

Miller, J. Vance: 1958-1959.

Mitchell, Vivian H.: 1959-1961.

Morris, J. Clair, Principal: 1956-1959.

Mortensen, Louise P.: 1953-1973.

Nakken, Deann G.: 1984-1985.

Nielsen, Clinton D.: 1961-1963.

Orton, Leslie: 2000-2004.

Parady, Akane: 2006-2007.

Patten, Frank E. (Teaching Principal): 1945-1948.

Patten, Hildreth B.: 1945-1948.

Pelto, Michael: 1989-1990.

Porter, Kevin L.: Teacher, 1980-1984, 1985-1987; Principal, 1988-present.

Rasmussen, Jillynn J.: 1981-2014.

Rasmussen, Stacie Ann: 1992-1994.

Reese, Lisa L.: 1976-1980.

Riggs, Jacqueline P.: 1978-1980.

Robinson, G. Boyd: 1962-1986.

Robinson, Lisa D.; 1984-1996, 1998-present.

Robinson, Michael Dean: 1984-present.

Robinson, Michael D.: 1991-present.

Robinson, Sherry Dawn: 1987-2010.

Rogers, Marya E.: 1983-1985.

Rowley, Darlene H.: 1985-2005.

Rowley, G. Morris, Principal: 1943-1945.

Sampson, De Esta H.: 1955-1957.

Schramm, Robert Darryl: 1959-1962.

Sidwell, Sarah W.: 2003-2006.

Simpson, James A.: 2006-present.

Simpson ShelleyJ.: 2011-present.

Singleton, Mary: 1984-1985.

Skougaard, Leanne Y.: 1998-present.

Smith, Quinton K.: 1980-1981.

Stones, Helen: 1961-1974.

Thatcher, Richard L.: 2003-present.

Thornock, Lamont: 1939-1945.

Tobler, Marianne C.: 1987-2003.

Topham, Marcille F.: 1974-1980.

Topham, Mary O.: 1948-1950.

Topham, Patricia E.: 1983-1987.

Topham, Zona: 1943-1973.

Townsend, Andrea: 2005-present.

Uluave, Kindra J.: 2003-2005.

Utley, Ronald D.: 1961-1963

Westwood, Dan W.: 1972-1975.

Whittle, Robin: 2012-2013.

Wilcken, Ammon: 2002-2003.

Wilcken, B. Jay: 1978-2011.

Wilkey, Amy J.: 1995-present.

Williams, George R.: 1957-1960.

Wolfe, Holly A.: 1994-1996.

Worley, Sherrie A.: 1990-1993.

Zaleski, Thomas W.: 1975-2009.