v peak 13 usedBy Sandra D. Benson

Valentine Peak is the red-rock bluff to the east of town and can be seen from the entire valley. The peak was named because on Valentine’s Day one could stand on at 500 West and Center Street and the watch the sun rise directly over the center of the peak. Thus: Valentine’s Peak.

Hyrum A. Hendrickson, whose house was located there, was the first to make this observiation and so is credited for naming the Peak. This according to F. C. Van Buren. Van Buren “used the name among students and town people. I innocently supposed that everyone else knew about it; but it seems that only those in the vacinity of Mr. Hendrickson’s residence ever were conscience of it. Now as I look at the thing it seems to me to be a happy thought.”

Mayor Howard Joseph recommended that the Peak be officially named Valentine Peak. On February 4, 1959, Councilman D Robinson made the motion. It was seconded by Councilman Glen S. Holyoak.

The photo shown here was taken by Sandra D. Benson, February 15, 2013.