Parowan Visitors Center

5 South Main
Parowan, UT  84761

Hours 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Visitor Center
Monday – Saturday

The Home of the Parowan City Visitors Center was built about 1925. The Bank Of Iron County and the Parowan Mercantile occupied these two modern office buildings. Professional offices were located in the upstairs of the Bank building, and the Mercantile provided fine general merchandise for many years. Today the Visitors’ Center shares its door with the Parowan Events Center, Recreation Center, and Chamber of Commerce.

Books, cups, T-shirts, honey, soap, sunglasses, postcards, hats, chapstick, and many other souvenirs can be purchased. Historical information and brochures are also available to help make your stay in Southern Utah enjoyable.

Events Center, Recreation and Chamber of Commerce 435-477-8190

Fax 435-477-9022

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